12 Best Subway Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom And Kitchen

12 Best Subway Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom And Kitchen

Do you intend to cover the walls in your bathroom and kitchen with a unique subway tile? And you are wondering about the subway tile idea that will beautify your kitchen and your bathroom? This article will help you. We will suggest the best subway tile ideas that will give your kitchen and bathroom that lovely look. Click here to read more about Subway Tiles Ideas.

There are countless subway tile ideas, but not all can fit in the kitchen and bathroom walls. It is expedient for you to know that places like kitchen and bathroom in homes must be attended especially with subway tile that will brighten it up. 

If you want to give your kitchen a bright touch with a trending style, then there’s nothing else for you to consider other than subway tiles. Subway tile became an instant classic when it was introduced in New York City. After some decades, this easy to clean, cheap and durable tiles have been suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

However, let us begin with the benefits of using subway tile in your bathroom and kitchen:

  • Subway tile will brighten up your bathroom and kitchen: there’s no other shape of tile that can bring more light to your kitchen and bathroom like subway tile. Don’t forget that subway tile is made of ceramics. Subway tiles are light reflective.
  • Subway tiles are easy to clean: you can easily clean up any stain on subway tile with water. It is easy to clean, unlike tiles of other shapes. Its smoothness allows water to wipe away the unwanted stain easily.  Luckily, you will get to understand this if you can try to use glass subway tiles.
  • Subway tiles are not expensive.

Therefore, let us proceed to the best subway tile idea for your bathroom and kitchen:

Dark grey herringbone

Dark grey subway tile can be laid in a herringbone pattern in your bathroom and kitchen. It adds depth and a seamless finish to the wall. With this subway tile idea, your bathroom and kitchen are kept light and bright with white paint.

Matte navy

Matte navy subway tile backsplash will add a fresh and modern note of low-key colour and interest to your kitchen. This unique subway tile idea is specially designed for kitchens. Recently, research has shown that this unique subway tile is the best for the kitchen and bathroom.

Glossy white vertical

Glossy white vertical is a polished, textured, glazed white subway tile. This beautiful tile will add subtle textural interest while blending seamlessly with the white painted wall and thick white floating shelves above. It has been laid in a vertical pattern. The essence of laying this subway tile steeply creates a modern spin on the classic look, and it draws the eye upward. Therefore, glossy white vertical is one of the best subway tiles that will keep your kitchen and bathroom looking more attractive.

Black accent

Black accent is a unique subway tile pattern that is laid way up to the ceiling. This tile pattern also creates depth and interest, and it makes something different within a room. It is so lovely to the extent that people love to use it to cover every wall in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Black and white stripes

This lovely pattern is laid in black and white with the same space interval. It is a unique subway tile for bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from the fact that this pattern is beautiful, combining the two colours will create a dramatic statement without breaking the budget. To complete its beauty in your bathroom, you can use a white shower curtain with black dots’ amps up the effective symmetrical style.

Textured white

This glossy textured subway tile will add interest, and it will remain clean and classic. Combining this unique pattern with a vintage runner on the floor will make your kitchen look more polished. If you are looking for a well-designed subway tile for your kitchen, you just have to consider using textured white.

Splashy metallic

This unique backsplash made from bronzed mirrored subway tiles will add a stunning demonstration of metallic flair to your kitchen. This subway tiles idea is the best way to keep your kitchen more comfortable for you, just like every other room in your house. With this unique tile pattern in your kitchen, you will love to take your meal right there because you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Dove grey glass

There’s no doubt about it, dove grey glass subway tiles are pretty expensive, but they are lovely to cover the walls in your kitchen and bathroom. Dove grey glass is also one of the most beautiful subway tile patterns suitable for protecting your kitchen and bathroom walls.

Subway tiles paired with original brick

This pattern has been the most sought after in the US. The combination of subway tile with original brickwork will give your kitchen and bathroom an updated feel. This subway tiles idea will create a clean and crisp look for your kitchen and bathroom. You might not understand the beauty of what we are talking about. We will advise you to check it out. It’s wonderful.

Grey subway

If you want a perfect neutral kitchen space, then try the grey subway tile idea in your kitchen. Over the years, these unique subway tiles have become a staple in interior design, showing up in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. 

Vertical offset

White subway tiles are used in a perpendicular offset to lure the eye upward and make a clean, uncluttered setting for a matte black consume hood and simple white free shelves.

Modern farmhouse

You can use classic white subway tiles in an offset running bond pattern to get this modern farmhouse for your kitchen. The all-white colour scheme is punctuated with pops of black, from the shaker cabinetry to the black grout around the subway tiles. Therefore, this subway tile idea is the best for your kitchen.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about the best subway tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. We’ve listed the twelve best ideas for you. Check them out.